Beads and Rhinestones

Beads and RhinestonesWow, this is been a long long time! I am so sorry! I’m moving and I’m very busy now, so real quick and short a nail-art which I made last saturday! I used my black polish which I bought in France last summer.

Beads and Rhinestones

First I used my Max Base Coat (yes, it’s the cheap one but it works really good!). Then I chose which nails I wanted to make green with my green beads (got them at Action, in a child tattoo pack, and actually, they are very good!).

After the black dried I used a fast drying topcoat from Essence to make the nail a little wet, then I dipped my nail in the beads. And the final effect was awesome.

And to be honest.. I’m so busy I haven’t got any time to do things with my nails. And I don’t like that! In the new Year I’m going to try to write a little more! My life is just way too full!

What do you think?

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