Cute pink nail-art

Cute Pink

Yes, this is a Nail-art I made last thursday before I had to go to school. I used Essence 106 Free Hugs as a base colour and I used stickers for cards and stuff from the Action. And ofcourse, rhinestones from the nail-art packages from the Action. 🙂

Cute Pink

Since I didn’t have much time lately to do nail-arts I wanted to do one on a free day. I had to go to school late so I figured I had some time to do this. But the later it got the more I had to hurry so I wanted to do something quick. A while back Chanine gave me stickers which you could use to decorate cards and stuff and I tried them on one nail. And the effect was quite suprising! In the middle of the nails I wanted to put a rhinestone to make it supercute. And yes! The effect I wanted! Not on every nail the rhinestone is in the middle, this because on the place I glue’d them was a flower in the pattern.

What do you guys think? Cute or not!?


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