Nail art: Purple Friday Beats Homophobia

SAM_1049 SAM_1051when reading this title first thing that might spring to mind is what the hell. Well here it is purple friday. Purple friday is the day people wear purple to make people more aware of homophobia. And for purple friday I did something with purple beads. Beads, Beats get it?

This is btw my first beads nail art. I had quite a lot of beads but had no clue how to use them. Or when to use them. So when talking to Laura this weekend she said use the purple beads! So here it is Purple Beads.

The beads are from some cheap hobby kit for children. I used the newest colour of Max DNC 207 Purple sky, Paris Memories 230 and a topcoat. I used Paris memories under the beats since it is/was quite the same colour. Laura used the same beats but, when applying the topcoat my topcoat changed to the colour of the beads. However does it give my nails a nice extra if I tilt my finger the colour changes! How nice is that.

Other people made something for Purple Friday?

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