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Shoplog: Handy!

Okay first of all I’m so sorry that I haven’t posted anything lately. The problem 24 hours a I find not enough to do what I have to do and want to do.  Having said that I have been able … Continue reading

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Shoplog: Claire’s and Intertoys (toy store)

I just had to go shopping today. Yesterday I bought a lot of essence pigments. But I wanted nailpolish. So today I went shopping for nailpolish. I found at claires three bottles in the sale which was now three for … Continue reading

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I noticed that laura put up a picture from what she bought today. This is what I bought or received bij mail. The boxes are all filled with 3 stripers. I bought them for laura, cause when she went to … Continue reading

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Shoplog: Miss Sporty

Today at etos I wanted to spend the giftcard my sister-in-law gave me, and this is the outcome! What do you think of these colors? Love Laura

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