Nail art: Very Fast

DNC 89 + Orange GlitterSo I needed something quick and simple, I was late for an event I wanted to go to and my nailpolish looked like nothing anymore so. What do you do? I know what I did. I got a nude looking polish(I’m not that much into nudes) and put a glitter coat on it. And VOILA! There is the quite fancy looking nails.

I used for this Max Moulin Rouge DNC 89 & Expression orange glitter.

Moulin Rouge of Max is quite similar to Essence Modern Romance.

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Shoplog: Handy!

Okay first of all I’m so sorry that I haven’t posted anything lately. The problem 24 hours a I find not enough to do what I have to do and want to do.  Having said that I have been able to do some nail arts, but not been able to post them(pictures gone missing not enough time to make a post out of it etc.)

But I have been buying and I called it Handy because that is one of the things I bought my practice hand HANDY. Actually I bought two one for me and on for Laura. Laura is currently in a No-buy and I’m trying to do a no-buy for 2 or 3 weeks now, but I suck at it.
However is not such a problem me having a “try-no-buy”, because I bought quite some amazing stuff.  I’m going to show you my favorites.

This is handy!  it just looks so real in this picture I think. It is also demonstrating a few of my newest polishes. I bought 2 new Rimmel Nailpolishes(pink and middle finger) and the others are all from Paris Memories. I think they had at the store the autumn/winter colours.  Also I bought there these really cute mini’s from Paris Memories that I’m sure going to buy more of. Maybe after tomorrow finally No-buy?

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Pink stamping!

Since it has been a long time that I posted a nail-art I thought, let’s post one! So, here, a very simple and fast stamping nail-art. I used two colours pink from Essence, which one’s, no idea! I used a imageplate from the base set from Essence and I thought it was pretty nice!

What do you think?



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Nail art: Quick dots

So last Sunday I made the swatch from Essence Breaking Dawn Collection.  However had I forgotten that I had to go to a Birthday that afternoon. So I was quite stressing to get it done in time since I don’t own a naildryer yet (Have seen one online that I want to buy). So when I painted my nails apple green (Max DNC 204) I really love this colour so much! It reminds me of summer. It’s a bright dark green colour.  Which is not seen right on the picture. I needed something fast so I decided to go with polka dots always right. Since I knew I wouldn’t have enough time to do all I did it only on my thumb and ring finger.
So with my Dottingtool and white nailpolish I started working. And of course I did to much polish in my dappendish. Began to look a lot like my acrylic usage.

Quite lovely. However during the birthday party one of my cousins children came to me and asked why I only had dots on two fingers and on three nothing. Try explaining that to an 8-year old who asks Why after every answer you give her. Well in the end she liked it and loved to come to me to do her nails as well.

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Swatch: Catrice LE spectaculART

One word. Awesome. I simply love these colours! Yesterday afternoon Chanine came by to bring the laquers and I have to say, they are very pretty. And that topcoat! Gold leaf effect. Simply awesome.
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Android App!

Today we launch our new Android App! It make’s it possible to check the blog, facebook and twitterpage. Check it out!

Download the app here!

1. To check your settings go to Settings.
2. Then choose Applications.
3. Make sure ‘Unknow sources’ is checked.
4. Download the .apk to your phone and install it.
5. Now you can start the application!

Have fun! And check our blog trough the app! 🙂

Chanine & Laura

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Swatch: Essence LE Breaking Dawn Part 2

I saw them in store last friday after a search of almost a week. So I bought them since I wanted them.  When seeing them on the picture from essence I thought I would fall in Love with  01 Jacob’s protection. I prefered however 02 Alice had a vision-again and 03 A Piece of Forever based on what I saw on my nail wheel. My least favorite is 04 Edward’s love , mostly because it reminds me of NYC Rock Muse and one of my Paris Memories Polishes.

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