I’m Chanine, 20 years old, and someone who loves to be creative! I have written poems, made paintings and drawings. I even made some sculptures from wood(not a success) and my latest creative thing that keeps me busy is nail art.

Currently I’m a graduate student in The Hague. I’m hoping to finish my Bachelor(International Media and Entertainment Management)  in October next year. I am behind half a year due to certain circumstances I had no say in. At least it gives me the opportunity to do an extra minor and get more experience. I know that at the end I can say that I graduated with more than 360 EC’s only because they can’t give me less than 15 for an exchange.

And to be honest I never thought that I would be doing Nailpolish! I’m not a girly girly type of girl. More a no nonsence, down to earth type. During my entire life, untill I started, I might have had a total of 20 nailpolishes who all dried out or were thrown out.

I love reading novels, watching movies and dancing(ballroom and Latin). What kind of novels? The overly girly ones with always the happy endings, but I love a good thriller or any other type of novel. To be honest I don’t have a favorite, I have a lots of favorite books. Same for the movies. To be honest I don’t really have a type of movie, music or book I like. I like lots, no preference.


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