Nailart: Zipper?

Okay, I have been so busy over the past weeks I haven’t had time to do my nails to be honest. I did them twice. Once I forgotten to take a picture with my camera and the other one I’m currently wearing.

I don’t know if people know it, but here in the Netherlands we have before christmas another holiday called Sinterklaas. I wanted to celebrate it, but my mom said no. In the end we did kinda and I ended op with the Nail Art Sourcebook. It’s AMAZING! And this is actually one in the book I wanted to redo. The only downside is that I was too lazy to get my yellow and red nailpolish. So instead I did it with Purple.

SAM_1028So Zipper? Why the question mark? Because with a little bit is imagination it could be a zipper on my nails.  But it could also be a curtain. I leave it up to you to decide.

So how did I do it. I made all my nails purple(Paris Memories 240) except for my
ringfinger I used a pinkish purple(Paris Memories 229) there.  While I did two layers with the purple on my nails I mad sure with the pinkish purple one that the bottom would cover enough, so I wouldn’t need another layer. With the purple one I drew some lines(curtains whatever you like to call it) and I did these extra thick, keep in mind that if it’s too thick it’s going to drip. I drew the gold line with my Janet striper. And last I added two rhinestones one 1 mm and one 2 mm. You can always add a bigger one before to make it three rhinestones. In my case I have the feeling my nails are too small.

SAM_1030I also hope that schoolwork is going to decrease asap. Because then I have some more time to spend here. In the upcoming weeks I’m going to do some bling bling/Christmas Nails.



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