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Hey Guys!

We’ve got a great message! 😀 We have got a new website! This blog won’t be updated anymore. Keep following us!

Our new website: NailArtParadise.com!

Check it out! We’ll see you there!


Chanine and Laura

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Nail-Art: Yes Ma’am

Haha silly name isn’t it? I was talking with Chanine on Facebook when she wanted me to hurry up with this nail-art because she wanted to see it so badly! So I said: Yes Ma’am.
In the meanwhile it has been too long since I last posted something. Since I have one and a half week off from my work I have more time to make nail-arts and here is the first one! I wanted it to be a christmassy nail-art but it became too yellow. Even though; its super cute!

Yes Ma'am

Yes Ma'am

Yes Ma'am

Yes Ma'am

Yes Ma'am

Yes Ma'am















So, what do you guys think? It didn’t turn out very christmassy but still, they’re supercute anyway!



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Swatch: Max Moulin Rouge DNC 86

2 layers of Moulin RougeI bought this polish a couple of months ago and actually hadn’t done anything with it just yet. So when I went to the Action  and saw that they had this polish again. I thought that maybe it was time to do something with it. So once I was home I started swatching. It reminded me a bit of Modern Romance from Essence. However did I find this colour better. You don’t need so much layers as with the Essence one.

It is a bit thin as in dripping of the brush. But next to that it is a nice polish. Here I didn’t add a third layer, because I added the glitter layer that you might have seen in one of the extra fast nail art “Series”

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Nail art: Purple Friday Beats Homophobia

SAM_1049 SAM_1051when reading this title first thing that might spring to mind is what the hell. Well here it is purple friday. Purple friday is the day people wear purple to make people more aware of homophobia. And for purple friday I did something with purple beads. Beads, Beats get it?

This is btw my first beads nail art. I had quite a lot of beads but had no clue how to use them. Or when to use them. So when talking to Laura this weekend she said use the purple beads! So here it is Purple Beads.

The beads are from some cheap hobby kit for children. I used the newest colour of Max DNC 207 Purple sky, Paris Memories 230 and a topcoat. I used Paris memories under the beats since it is/was quite the same colour. Laura used the same beats but, when applying the topcoat my topcoat changed to the colour of the beads. However does it give my nails a nice extra if I tilt my finger the colour changes! How nice is that.

Other people made something for Purple Friday?

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Nailart: Zipper?

Okay, I have been so busy over the past weeks I haven’t had time to do my nails to be honest. I did them twice. Once I forgotten to take a picture with my camera and the other one I’m currently wearing.

I don’t know if people know it, but here in the Netherlands we have before christmas another holiday called Sinterklaas. I wanted to celebrate it, but my mom said no. In the end we did kinda and I ended op with the Nail Art Sourcebook. It’s AMAZING! And this is actually one in the book I wanted to redo. The only downside is that I was too lazy to get my yellow and red nailpolish. So instead I did it with Purple.

SAM_1028So Zipper? Why the question mark? Because with a little bit is imagination it could be a zipper on my nails.  But it could also be a curtain. I leave it up to you to decide.

So how did I do it. I made all my nails purple(Paris Memories 240) except for my
ringfinger I used a pinkish purple(Paris Memories 229) there.  While I did two layers with the purple on my nails I mad sure with the pinkish purple one that the bottom would cover enough, so I wouldn’t need another layer. With the purple one I drew some lines(curtains whatever you like to call it) and I did these extra thick, keep in mind that if it’s too thick it’s going to drip. I drew the gold line with my Janet striper. And last I added two rhinestones one 1 mm and one 2 mm. You can always add a bigger one before to make it three rhinestones. In my case I have the feeling my nails are too small.

SAM_1030I also hope that schoolwork is going to decrease asap. Because then I have some more time to spend here. In the upcoming weeks I’m going to do some bling bling/Christmas Nails.



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Cute pink nail-art

Cute Pink

Yes, this is a Nail-art I made last thursday before I had to go to school. I used Essence 106 Free Hugs as a base colour and I used stickers for cards and stuff from the Action. And ofcourse, rhinestones from the nail-art packages from the Action. 🙂

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Beads and Rhinestones

Beads and RhinestonesWow, this is been a long long time! I am so sorry! I’m moving and I’m very busy now, so real quick and short a nail-art which I made last saturday! I used my black polish which I bought in France last summer.

Beads and Rhinestones

First I used my Max Base Coat (yes, it’s the cheap one but it works really good!). Then I chose which nails I wanted to make green with my green beads (got them at Action, in a child tattoo pack, and actually, they are very good!).

After the black dried I used a fast drying topcoat from Essence to make the nail a little wet, then I dipped my nail in the beads. And the final effect was awesome.

And to be honest.. I’m so busy I haven’t got any time to do things with my nails. And I don’t like that! In the new Year I’m going to try to write a little more! My life is just way too full!

What do you think?

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