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Swatch: Max Moulin Rouge DNC 86

I bought this polish a couple of months ago and actually hadn’t done anything with it just yet. So when I went to the Action  and saw that they had this polish again. I thought that maybe it was time … Continue reading

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Nail art: Purple Friday Beats Homophobia

when reading this title first thing that might spring to mind is what the hell. Well here it is purple friday. Purple friday is the day people wear purple to make people more aware of homophobia. And for purple friday … Continue reading

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Nailart: Zipper?

Okay, I have been so busy over the past weeks I haven’t had time to do my nails to be honest. I did them twice. Once I forgotten to take a picture with my camera and the other one I’m … Continue reading

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Nail art: Very Fast

So I needed something quick and simple, I was late for an event I wanted to go to and my nailpolish looked like nothing anymore so. What do you do? I know what I did. I got a nude looking … Continue reading

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Shoplog: Handy!

Okay first of all I’m so sorry that I haven’t posted anything lately. The problem 24 hours a I find not enough to do what I have to do and want to do.  Having said that I have been able … Continue reading

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Nail art: Quick dots

So last Sunday I made the swatch from Essence Breaking Dawn Collection.  However had I forgotten that I had to go to a Birthday that afternoon. So I was quite stressing to get it done in time since I don’t … Continue reading

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Swatch: Essence LE Breaking Dawn Part 2

I saw them in store last friday after a search of almost a week. So I bought them since I wanted them.  When seeing them on the picture from essence I thought I would fall in Love with  01 Jacob’s … Continue reading

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